Irish Kinder Farms in assisting Jewish children to safety during World War II.

Becoming an author and "The Yellow House" publication

Eileen O'Neill's legacy as an Irish warrior based on Patricia's grandmother.

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I have been so pleased by the many positive responses to my first two novels. You have all been so very kind in their remarks, I want to keep you posted on updates and information that you might find interesting. I'm working on my third novel just now, but am planning to send out a travel "guide" to Northern Ireland very soon. It will have favorite haunts and places I like to go, as well as anecdotes and tales of my time spent there. Thanks so very much for your support and readership. Sincerely, Patricia Falvey.

"I thought of all the other women like me here and abroad who waited for news of loved ones. We were the women who were not mothers and wives to whom official information would be delivered by telegram or by uniformed offers. We were the women hidden in the corners and crevices, behind doors and curtains, the women who must wait for scraps of information, for hearsay and rumor. And yet for us, the waiting was just as painful."

Sheila McGee in 'The Linen Queen" (click here for information on this book)

"I remember the summers best, when the days rested in the long arms of evening and the sounds around Slieve Guillon were as muted as benediction. Only the faint barking of distant dogs cut the stillness as farmers drove their cattle home. Smoke curled from cottage chimneys and children gulped down tea so they could return to play while time hovered between day and night like a gift from heaven."

Eileen O'Neill in 'The Yellow House" (click here for information on this book)

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